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WIND Mobile Being Challenged By Another New Mobile Company

The CBC reported today that the decision to allow Globalive (owner of the WIND brand) to operate in canada is being challenged. If you recall, back in December, Canada’s Industry Minister, Tony Clement, overruled a previous CRTC decision which blocked Globalive from operating cellphone service in Canada, allowing them to continue with their WIND mobile plans. Public Mobile, another new mobile player has filed an application for judicial review of the minister’s decision claiming it was incorrect and disregards foreign-ownership restrictions in the telecom industry. Well, we knew this would come… I’m just surprised where it came from.

WIND Mobile Takes Canada By Storm

So WIND Mobile started doing their thing officially last Thursday when they announced their plans and pricing details.  Experts expected them to Wow everyone and they did.  You can check out their voice plans, data plans and more on their website. The Good So what’s so good.  Well, if you live in Toronto or Calgary, then you should definitely check them out.  I mention those two cities as they are currently the only two that are considered WIND Home Zones.  That matters because most of the benefits of WIND come from being in a Home Zone.  Basically, for $35 / month, […]