Bayan M. Qandil

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The Public Lynching of Flash

A public battle began between Apple and Adobe related to Flash support on the iPhone. What started with Apple putting terms in it’s Developer License Agreement that prohibit flash usage in iPhone apps, resulted in a top adobe developer telling Apple to “Screw off” and then a response by Mr. Jobs letting us know his thoughts on Flash. Ignoring the rumours that Apple is working on a Flash alternative themselves, I’d like to concentrate on the main points Mr. Jobs made and give you my thoughts.

Seamless Social Networking, An Untapped Opportunity

Social networking is a growing trend and has been for some time now.  But as social networking was on the rise so was mobile internet usage.  It’s clear that mobile access to social networks is extremely key to their growth and will continue to be key for their continued success.  But mobile access is not the only avenue to access social networks are many users continue to use their laptops or desktops to access them as well.  Also, with more and more social networks, having a single point of access to do common tasks is also key.  As such, there […]

RIM Files Patent Application for Locale-Aware Features

In a patent filing, RIM is trying to patent the concept of location-aware features.  An example of this would be selecting an appropriate ringtone profile based on your location (i.e. loud when at home, but silent when in the office).  This patent was filed in 2005, so it’s been in the works for a while. The real value of this patent will be in the features that utilize the location awareness.  An example would be the security settings of your device.  When at home these can be very relaxed, perhaps with longer timeouts between password entries, but as soon as […]

Deliver Presentations From Your BlackBerry

RIM announced it’s BlackBerry Presenter today which allows for delivering presentations from your BlackBerry directly via bluetooth.  You basically connect the Presenter to the projector and instruct the accompanied BlackBerry App to present and off you go.  No transcoding necessary.  The Presenter apparently works with other bluetooth-enabled SmartPhones as well.  It’s going for $199.99 USD on As for competition, Impatica currently has an offering named ShowMate that allows you to do the same thing. The differences according to RIM are: (1) no transcoding is necessary using BlackBerry Presenter and (2) BlackBerry presenter can project at a resolution of 1024×768, […]