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Kodak Sues Apple and RIM over Patent Infringement

So Kodak has sued Apple and RIM over IP infingment.  Kodak states that it’s been talking with both Apple and RIM for some time to resolve this amicably but since that didn’t work, they decided to sue. The patent in question is related to a method of previewing images in a mode that enables quick preview while acquiring the actual picture taken in a different mode that has higher quality.  This patent was filed in 1997 and issues in the US in 2001, so it sounds like a legitimate patent infringement case.  According to Kodak, other SmartPhone manufacturers such as […]

Next-Gen iPhone: Evolution not Revolution

So the rumours for the next generation of the iPhone are starting now.  According to PCWorld, the next generation iPhone will be dubbed iPhone 4G and will have: 5 Megapixel Camera (putting on par with the Nexus One) Updated Operating System with revamped App Store OLED Screen Video Chat Support Announced as early as May 2010. Again, nothing really new here.  I doubt the May timeframe since Apple likes the yearly refresh cycle they have going. I personally think they will add a forward facing camera in addition to the one in the back and FM tuner to the mix. […]

Google Mobile Homepage is now location aware

Yesterday, Google announced that it’s mobile homepage now has a “near me now” option.  This service is available to US customers on the iPhone and Android phones only.  Hmmm …. wonder why BlackBerry is out. It’s obvious that Google is interested in being your mobile location-based service of choice and this is another step in that direction.   Once they have a good stronghold, I’m sure they’ll start using the information for location-relevant advertising. Here is Google’s video advertisement for the new service.

Competition Leads To iPhone Price Drop… but only In France!

It seems that iPhone prices in france have significantly dropped due to increased competition now that the Orange lost exclusivity due to a French court decision.  I’ll leave the French court decision on competition to my business blog, but I will discuss the price drop subject. I find it curious that the loss of exclusivity in France resulted in a price war that cause prices to drop significantly (by 60%) while in Canada, no price drop was seen when the providers went from 1 (Rogers) to 3 (Bell and Telus) last month.  Some would argue that increased competition not resulting […]