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Jobs Says Apple is a Mobile Company .. I Say Media Distribution

So during his keynote speech on Jan 27, Steve Jobs took a little time before introducing the iPad to talk about some recent highlights of their business.  You can see my thoughts on the iPad here. He talked about how Apple has now sold 250 million iPods since it’s release in 2001, how they have over 75 Million iPod Touchs and iPhones on the market and how they have surpassed 3 Billion downloads from AppStore. He Jobs went on to state that Apple is really a mobile devices company because they sell mobile music players (iPod), mobile phones (iPhone) and […]

Apple Introduces the iPad… no I’m not kidding

For you faithful followers, it’s been a long time since I posted a blog.  I’ve been busy with personal stuff plus I’m starting to want to focus on useful and insightful blogs rather than just the usual mumbo jumbo.  And then Mr. Jobs announced his latest product and now I have to write about it.  I’ve decided to wring two blog articles about this so make sure you check out my other one related to Jobs’ comment about Apple being the largest mobile devices company. On Jan 27, Apple announced the iPad.  Yes… that is the best name they could […]