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Should RIM have chosen Android rather than QNX?

This question has been circling the internet for months and is still being asked today on numerous blogs and websites. Should RIM have chosen Android and not acquired QNX for their next generation operating system? Why would RIM build from scratch rather than use a proven and popular platform? Did RIM make the wrong decision making it unsuccessful today?

How To: Adding iCal or CSV calendars to your BlackBerry without Outlook

I’ve recently been asked, numerous times, how to add an iCal calendar (ics extension) or CSV calendars to a BlackBerry calendar. If you’re on an enterprise activated BlackBerry or use Outlook to sync calendar items to your BlackBerry, then it’s quiet easy. However, if you’re one of the many people who don’t sync their calendars, what can you do? I’ll give the general solution and then give a specific example of how to do it for Toronto Raptor fans who want the season schedule in their calendars.

Smartphone Market – App Driven or Content Driven?

Can the Smartphone market sustain all the different platforms that currently exist or will the platforms be forced to converge? The most common view is that the platforms with the most applications will survive. Although, I tend to agree with that view, I think there will be another factor.

Nexus One Customers & Developers Need Support But Can’t Find It

According to PC World, it seems that Nexus One customers are trying to find support for their phones and are having a tough time finding it.  Customers are going to point-of-sale (Google’s Phone Store) for support and that apparently has a 48 hour turnaround time, although I wasn’t able to find that guarantee on the support site.  The networks, with the exception of T-Mobile) are probably also redirecting support questions to Google, and why wouldn’t they… support is expensive. In parallel to all of this, the Android developer community is not very happy since they still don’t have access to […]

Nexus One Enterprise Edition?

In a sit-down with All Things Digital, Google VP of Engineering, Andy Rubin mentioned that Google is working on an enterprise version of the Nexus One.  Although it seems very early on and the information is vague, it seems that the idea would be to have something with a physical keyboard, exchange support and possibly a world phone. While the Nexus One may have been considered a competitor of BlackBerry’s Storm2 device, this enterprise version may very well be a real BlackBerry competitor.

Google Mobile Homepage is now location aware

Yesterday, Google announced that it’s mobile homepage now has a “near me now” option.  This service is available to US customers on the iPhone and Android phones only.  Hmmm …. wonder why BlackBerry is out. It’s obvious that Google is interested in being your mobile location-based service of choice and this is another step in that direction.   Once they have a good stronghold, I’m sure they’ll start using the information for location-relevant advertising. Here is Google’s video advertisement for the new service.

Apple Acquires Quattro Wireless

Well, it’s now official.  Apple has acquired Quattro Wireless.  The news confirmed by Quattro ex-CEO now an Apple VP of Mobile Advertising.  Let’s not forget that RIM also announced an Advertising Service back in November as well. Basically, the strategy for these companies is to provide advertising capabilities to developers for their platforms.  The real hope is to drive more developers to develop for their platforms resulting in more value-added applications for their respective devices in a hopes to drive further sales of those devices. The real question is, when will these services be available to developers. What I personally would like […]

Google Make Nexus One Official

Google has made the Nexus One official.  Read all about it here.  As rumoured, they have partnered with T-Mobile for this phone although a unlocked version is available as well. The hardware is pretty good, most notably: 5 MP Camera capable of video with 720×480 pixels @ 20 fps. Wifi/BT2.1/aGPS Digital Compass and Accelerometer Fairly small and really light As for software, as expected Google loaded this baby up with Android 2.1.  It comes with the usual Google software including Google Maps Navigation.  No word about a streaming music service as rumoured earlier but I’m sure it’s coming.  Google’s new […]

Google Mobile Phone Will Focus on Add-on Services

In a press conference today, Google is expected to announce it’s mobile phone, the Nexus One.  And although it will lack in mobile applications and enterprise functionality, my guess is that Google will focus on add-on services to entice consumers. We already know that Google has Google Maps Navigation which will no doubt be working on the Nexus One.  This service alone may be enough to convince many consumers to purchase the phone.  No other non-Android phone comes with free navigation software or service (for now). There are also rumours of a Google / Spotify partnership that could bring streaming […]

Google Launches Public DNS

Google has now launched a public domain name server (DNS).  For those who don’t know what that is, it’s basically the internet’s page lookup directory.  When you try to go to a page on the internet, your PC does a DNS lookup (typically using your provider’s DNS) to find the correct IP address for your request.  Google has created this DNS and made it public allowing you to utilize it yourself. So what’s special about it.  Google claims that it’s DNS faster and more secure that the ones already out there.  This would result in quicker and safer browsing for […]