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Try Chrome OS Today

So as a follow-up to my last Chrome OS post, I decided to give it a shot myself.  There are a number of ways to do this but I decided to use TechCrunch’s way of doing this.  Basically, it’s running Chrome OS in a VM.  The steps there are sound and should work for everyone but it’s possible they don’t.  If you get an error stating that “Network is not connected and offline login failed”, then just log in using username: mark, password: chronos.  This seems to work for the build mentioned in that blog. Once loaded, you can then […]

Chrome OS Announced – Focus on Web, Security and Speed

When we heard about Chrome OS back in July of this year, I put together this quick overview of my thoughts.  It seems my thoughts were aligned with the thoughts of Google.  Now Chrome OS has officially been announced.  Slated for public release in around a year from now, the project is now officially opened for contributions. If you don’t already know, Chrome OS will be open source.  So that is the first advantage of this OS.  Accessible, customizable and free!  But here is what Google is focusing on with this OS: Web Applications and ContentAs I stated in my […]

Chrome OS: What’s The Big Deal

On July 7, Google announced a project focused on creating an opensource lightweight operating system named Chrome OS*. It is initially aimed at NetBooks but will also target power computers and full desktops. With this move, Google has just set it’s aim on Microsoft’s bread and butter directly. But is that all they set their eyes on? And so what if there is another OS? Opensource and Free One of the biggest advantages of this new OS is that it will be opensource and better yet … Free*! But so what? Linux has been around for years and has always […]