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Rogers Trying To Help Out Its HTC Dream Customers

If you’ve been keeping up with the story, Rogers’s HTC Magic customers earlier this week got notice that they will be getting an upgrade to Android 2.1 sometime this year.  However, HTC Dream customers would not get an upgrade past Android 1.5.  This obviously sparked some outrage, but honestly, we didn’t expect the outrage to result in anything. Well, it seems that Rogers listened to it’s customers.  According to MobileSyrup and AndroidGuys, Rogers is offering the Dream customers a limited time opportunity to upgrade from the Dream to the Magic.  Now the statement does not say that it’s free in […]

WIND Mobile Being Challenged By Another New Mobile Company

The CBC reported today that the decision to allow Globalive (owner of the WIND brand) to operate in canada is being challenged. If you recall, back in December, Canada’s Industry Minister, Tony Clement, overruled a previous CRTC decision which blocked Globalive from operating cellphone service in Canada, allowing them to continue with their WIND mobile plans. Public Mobile, another new mobile player has filed an application for judicial review of the minister’s decision claiming it was incorrect and disregards foreign-ownership restrictions in the telecom industry. Well, we knew this would come… I’m just surprised where it came from.

The Source will now only carry Bell wireless products

In an expected move, Bell announced that it will start selling Bell and Virgin Mobile (which it acquired earlier this year) products in The Source retail stores. Bell acquired The Source earlier this year as well.  This comes at the heels of a contract between Rogers and The Source that ended this month.  Now, The Source will exclusively sell Bell products.  And according to Bell, it is now Canada’s largest wireless retailer.  Not sure if that is a new title for them since they were already carrying wireless products. The real question is whether this gamble will work for Bell. […]

Competition Leads To iPhone Price Drop… but only In France!

It seems that iPhone prices in france have significantly dropped due to increased competition now that the Orange lost exclusivity due to a French court decision.  I’ll leave the French court decision on competition to my business blog, but I will discuss the price drop subject. I find it curious that the loss of exclusivity in France resulted in a price war that cause prices to drop significantly (by 60%) while in Canada, no price drop was seen when the providers went from 1 (Rogers) to 3 (Bell and Telus) last month.  Some would argue that increased competition not resulting […]

WIND Mobile Takes Canada By Storm

So WIND Mobile started doing their thing officially last Thursday when they announced their plans and pricing details.  Experts expected them to Wow everyone and they did.  You can check out their voice plans, data plans and more on their website. The Good So what’s so good.  Well, if you live in Toronto or Calgary, then you should definitely check them out.  I mention those two cities as they are currently the only two that are considered WIND Home Zones.  That matters because most of the benefits of WIND come from being in a Home Zone.  Basically, for $35 / month, […]

Canadian Wireless Ad War Madness Continues …

To continue the madness of the Canadian Wireless Carrier Ad Wars that I reported on earlier, my prediction almost came true.  Rogers has now sued Bell for their wireless network claims.  Rogers is stating that Bell does not have the customer base or data to backup their claims of being fastest and most reliable network. I reiterate my opinion from my original post.  The money, time and effort is better spend on better innovative pricing models, services and products.

Canadian Wireless Ad War Continues…

As a follow-up to our “I’m faster than you” posting, there has been some progress in the Telus vs. Rogers face-off.  In a somewhat surprise decision, Telus was granted a temporary injunction today that could eventually force rogers to stop their current campaign strategy.  Rogers now admits that, with Telus’ new 21Mbps HSPA network, they are no longer the fastest network.  However, they claim that are still the most reliable and will appeal the decision in court.  Still not quiet sure what the claim is based on. As a side note, Bell, who co-build the HSPA network with Telus, has […]

I’m faster.. No.. I’m faster – Telus Sues Rogers over Ad Claims

It appears Telus is not happy about Rogers’ advertisement claims that it’s Canada’s fastest and most reliable network.  In court filings, Telus claims that since their new HSPA network went live earlier this month that Rogers is no longer faster nor more reliable and as such needs to stop their false advertisements.  They even asked Rogers to stop!  Since Rogers has not stopped, they sued.  Rogers announced that they still stand by their claims as Telus has not provided data to prove otherwise. So, now this is just a waste of time, isn’t it.  What is Telus trying to gain […]

Canadian Local TV Tax Issue – What’s the deal?

I’m sure you’ve seen the barrage of commercials asking you to make noise for or against the Local TV Tax issue that is currently under debate in canada.  Today is the day that the hearings begin on this issue.  Since this issue may end up effecting your pocket, it may be worthwhile taking a look and understanding what the issue really is. Conventional TV Channels At the heart of the issue are conventional TV channels (such as CTV, Global or CBC).  This issue does not include any speciality channels that they networks may own (such as TSN or the Food […]

Bell and Telus GSM Networks – Do they mean increased competition and lower prices?

So, Bell is almost rolling out it’s own GSM based network. According to BGR, they are rolling out the HSPA network sometime next month. Telus is probably going to follow suit as well. And the masses are now rejoicing. But seriously, what will this really mean to the Canadian mobile market and mobile users. Well the most obvious response is, we now have increased competition and hence lower prices will follow. But do we really. Here are the most common arguments for why the competition will be increased as opposed to the way things are now: I can easily switch […]