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Should RIM have chosen Android rather than QNX?

This question has been circling the internet for months and is still being asked today on numerous blogs and websites. Should RIM have chosen Android and not acquired QNX for their next generation operating system? Why would RIM build from scratch rather than use a proven and popular platform? Did RIM make the wrong decision making it unsuccessful today?

Smartphone Market – App Driven or Content Driven?

Can the Smartphone market sustain all the different platforms that currently exist or will the platforms be forced to converge? The most common view is that the platforms with the most applications will survive. Although, I tend to agree with that view, I think there will be another factor.

Rogers Trying To Help Out Its HTC Dream Customers

If you’ve been keeping up with the story, Rogers’s HTC Magic customers earlier this week got notice that they will be getting an upgrade to Android 2.1 sometime this year.  However, HTC Dream customers would not get an upgrade past Android 1.5.  This obviously sparked some outrage, but honestly, we didn’t expect the outrage to result in anything. Well, it seems that Rogers listened to it’s customers.  According to MobileSyrup and AndroidGuys, Rogers is offering the Dream customers a limited time opportunity to upgrade from the Dream to the Magic.  Now the statement does not say that it’s free in […]

Google Mobile Homepage is now location aware

Yesterday, Google announced that it’s mobile homepage now has a “near me now” option.  This service is available to US customers on the iPhone and Android phones only.  Hmmm …. wonder why BlackBerry is out. It’s obvious that Google is interested in being your mobile location-based service of choice and this is another step in that direction.   Once they have a good stronghold, I’m sure they’ll start using the information for location-relevant advertising. Here is Google’s video advertisement for the new service.

Verizon & Google Announce Partnership for Android Devices

The announcement was made today.  Although an interesting and exciting development for the mobile world, I do find it weird.  How come you ask? Well, when was the last time you heard of this type of partnership or announcement between a device platform and a carrier!  That’s like Microsoft announcing a partnership with Best Buy!  Typically, the partnership is between the platform and the OEM.  Examples include Microsoft and Dell or Windows Mobile and Palm (for the Treo 750). But since when are the platform providers signing agreements with OEMs customers / partners.  Is this due to Google’s “influence”.  Is […]