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My take on ‘illegal content sharing’

In a recent answer to a question on Quora (embedded at the end of this post), I gave my take on content piracy or, better stated, ‘illegal content sharing’.  I thought it would be worthwhile to share that on here as well.  Here is what I wrote: In my view, content piracy is a result of a demand for content that is not being offered in a compelling manner.  Piracy is not just an innate desire to just take something at the expense of others. At least I hope that is true for humanity’s sake. To visualize this, think about […]

Will the $17k Apple Watch Edition hold value (or appreciate) as well as a ‘traditional’ clockwork watch of a similar price?

I wrote this answer on Quora and thought it’s worth sharing on here as well. Answer by Bayan Qandil: The answer to this is not answered by technology strategy but rather economics. The resale market for Apple Watches will decide the value of the resale of the high end model.  The key question will be what the valuable attributes of the watch will be. Typically resale items hold value due to: Brand – think Rolex Quality – think German cars Scarcity – think limited edition Apple branded products typically have higher resale value than other brands in the same market. […]

Repost: What kind of room for career growth is there for software engineers at large companies?

My answer to this question on Quora: What kind of room for career growth is there for software engineers at large companies (i.e. Google, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, etc.)? I’m first going to answer the question, then I’m going to give you my thoughts on Software Professionals, career progression, management and leadership. Typical Software Engineering Career Paths Software Engineerings or Developers are typically promoted based on their technical skills.  As you improve and add to your skills, you are promoted through the typical technical “ranks”, which typically are Jr. SW Developer, Intermediate SW Developer and Sr. SW Developer.  Different organizations may […]

What are some good reasons to buy the BlackBerry 10 over Android phones?

I wrote this answer on Quora and thought it may be useful to share with you faithful blog readers. Answer by Bayan Qandil: I haven’t used the final BB10 for me to make a proper statement here.  I did use very early versions of it and I’m very familiar with the typical BlackBerry Value Prop. So here goes… Number 1 – Keyboard Everybody mentions this and I will too.  BlackBerry’s hardware keyboards are the best in the business… second to none. And with BB10, they build an impressive looking (again, haven’t tried it) looking and innovative virtual keyboard. Number 2 […]