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iMessage and FaceTime working fine on Beta 3

Seems like iOS7 Beta 3 has a lot of stability fixes. The OS overall feels snappier and more stable. It also fixes the iMessage and FaceTime registration issues that caused lots of problems for people. Apple seemed to have fixed some Application Compatibility issues since a lot of apps appear to be working more smoothly. Beta 3 so far looks like a huge improvement in stability.

iOS7 Beta 1 App Compatibility

I’ve compiled a list of Apps and their compatibility with iOS7 Beta 1. I will update this over time. Let me know if your experience is different than mine in the comments. Also, feel free to send me requests to test apps that you’re interested in either in the comments or to my twitter account @BayanQ. Compatibility Levels Works Fine – No issues identified Somewhat Works – Some issues identified Doesn’t work – Always crashes Application List Netflix – Somewhat Works Has weird issues where you can’t click on some areas of the screen after search. Vine – Somewhat Works […]

Site Design and Branding Reset

A couple of years ago, I rebranded & redesigned my blog in an attempt to change it’s image and provide it it’s own brand, separate from mine. My personal and career goals have changed since then and I’ve decided that I want to utilize this blog to showcase my insights directly. As such, it makes more sense to have it setup with a simpler blog format and brand it with my own name. So, that’s what I’ve done.

How To: Getting Remote TV Manager for Rogers to work on BlackBerry

If you’re a Rogers customer up here in Canada, then you may be familiar with Rogers Remote TV Manager service. Rogers has built smartphone applications for iOS, Android and BlackBerry OS to allow you to utilize the service through your smartphone. If you’re an avid BlackBerry user however, then you have likely run across the “Service Not Available” issue that seems to plague many BlackBerry devices. If so, read on for a fix.

We Are Now Verasity

So I’ve decided to update the blog’s look, feel and brand to reflect the new focus of the site.  The site is now called Verasity, which is a slight play on the word Veracity.  The definition of Veracity is: Veracity: conformity to truth or fact; accuracy This truly reflects the direction of the site.  Verasity will still focus on Mobile and Technology news, however, the main purpose of site will be: To provide an honest, concise and objective view of the news.  Verasity will strive to be as bold as possible with our opinions. To offer opinion pieces rather than […]

Google Launches Public DNS

Google has now launched a public domain name server (DNS).  For those who don’t know what that is, it’s basically the internet’s page lookup directory.  When you try to go to a page on the internet, your PC does a DNS lookup (typically using your provider’s DNS) to find the correct IP address for your request.  Google has created this DNS and made it public allowing you to utilize it yourself. So what’s special about it.  Google claims that it’s DNS faster and more secure that the ones already out there.  This would result in quicker and safer browsing for […]

Dell plans to create mobile division

Accordingly the WJS, Dell has internally announced plans to reorganize the company for the second time this year. What most interesting is that they plan to create a Mobile division focusing on Mobile phones and other mobile-type devices. With Dell set to launch their first smartphone in China (the Dell Mini 3) soon, and with their 3G-enabled NetBooks, Dell is trying to enter the NetBook & Smartphone markets, both of which are growing at a massive pace.  The Smartphone market is estimated to grow by 20-30% next year. Both of these markets are still emerging markets and so this is […]