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How to get iMessage working on iOS 7 Beta1

If you’re on iOS 7, then you probably know about the iMessage issues. After my own investigations, I determined that the likely cause for this is that your mobile number is not being properly registered with the iMessage service. I was able to get my iPhone to send iMessages using my email addresses to confirm this. The iMore blog has a proposed solution to this problem here. This didn’t work for me. However, I tried my own variation on the iMore solution and it seems to work. So I’m going to publish it here. Basically, the iMore solution is to […]

How To: Getting Remote TV Manager for Rogers to work on BlackBerry

If you’re a Rogers customer up here in Canada, then you may be familiar with Rogers Remote TV Manager service. Rogers has built smartphone applications for iOS, Android and BlackBerry OS to allow you to utilize the service through your smartphone. If you’re an avid BlackBerry user however, then you have likely run across the “Service Not Available” issue that seems to plague many BlackBerry devices. If so, read on for a fix.