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How To: Adding iCal or CSV calendars to your BlackBerry without Outlook

I’ve recently been asked, numerous times, how to add an iCal calendar (ics extension) or CSV calendars to a BlackBerry calendar. If you’re on an enterprise activated BlackBerry or use Outlook to sync calendar items to your BlackBerry, then it’s quiet easy. However, if you’re one of the many people who don’t sync their calendars, what can you do? I’ll give the general solution and then give a specific example of how to do it for Toronto Raptor fans who want the season schedule in their calendars.

We Are Now Verasity

So I’ve decided to update the blog’s look, feel and brand to reflect the new focus of the site.  The site is now called Verasity, which is a slight play on the word Veracity.  The definition of Veracity is: Veracity: conformity to truth or fact; accuracy This truly reflects the direction of the site.  Verasity will still focus on Mobile and Technology news, however, the main purpose of site will be: To provide an honest, concise and objective view of the news.  Verasity will strive to be as bold as possible with our opinions. To offer opinion pieces rather than […]

Netflix Agrees to 28 Day Wait on New DVD Releases

Now I know I typically write about mobile and telecom news, but this one hit straight home with me.  You should first go and read this great TechCrunch post.  Here is another example of how the entertainment industry is forcing it’s business model on it’s customers. Last year, for the first time since 2002, DVD sales where less than box office sales. Hollywood blames this trend on cheap rental outlets and pirated content.  They continue to fight the pirated content as they usually do.  And now they are trying to fight cheap rental outlets but forcing them to wait for […]

Bono is concerned about movie & TV piracy

So it seems that the U2 frontman is concerned about the movie and TV industries.  In an opinion piece in New York Times, Bono is warning that improved data rates will make it easier for pirates to download TV and Movies.  And his solution is akin to policing the internet.  He states “But we know from America’s noble effort to stop child pornography, not to mention China’s ignoble effort to suppress online dissent, that it’s perfectly possible to track content.” Now I’m not a supporter of piracy by any means. However, I do wonder why the entertainment industries (such as […]

Blog Started Up Again

Hi All Starting up my Blog again. I will be focusing on world events and technology. If you have any ideas or items you’d like me to discuss / research / investigate, let me know by commenting here. Also, you can hit me up on Twitter at Looking forward to discussing with all of you. LaterBayanQ