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What are the 2016 most important global health issues?

My answer to What are the 2016 most important global health issues? Answer by Bayan Qandil: The United Nations put together the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), dubbed “17 Goals to Transform Our World”[1]. They are 17 goals with 169 targets that all UN members states have agreed to try and achieve by 2030. SDG #3, titled Ensure healthy lives and promoting well-being for all at all ages, is focused on health. However almost all of the other goals are directly related to health as well. The World Health Organization has aligned with those goals. Their new agenda, which builds on […]

Feature phones won’t be dead soon!

I was asked recently if I thought features phones are dead or will be dead soon.  Due to my current work, I know that low resourced areas of developing nations have a strong need for feature phones, mostly for their SMS capability. So my gut feeling was that the feature phone is nowhere near dead.  But I needed to justify my instinct with data, so I went on a search. Thankfully, there was a recent report published by Ericsson that gave me what I need.  Below are a series of graphs, with my take on them, that provide a summary of […]

My personal mobile device history

I was asked on Quora about my personal device history.  I wrote the answer and decided to share it on my blog as well. Here is my best recollection of my mobile device history: Pager (1996 – 1997) – don’t remember manufacturer Qualcomm QCP-2700 (1996 – 1999) Palm IIIxe (1999 – 2000) Palm Vx ( 2000 – 2001) Palm m500 (2001 – 2003) Ericsson T28z (1999 – 2002) Nokia (2002) Motorola RAZR (2003 – 2005) HP Pocket PC (2002 – 2005) BlackBerry 7250 (2005 – 2008) Worth mentioning that at this point I joined RIM (BlackBerry). BlackBerry Bold 9000 (2008 – […]

Are there any opportunities for software engineers to volunteer or contribute to medicine or medical research?

I wrote this answer on Quora and thought it's worth sharing on here as well. Answer by Bayan Qandil: Your dedication to the cause is admirable.  Software is needed in all aspects of life as you know.  They key is to find how software is used to support the cause you're interested in.  I would focus on current scientific researchers who are working in the field.  Read their recent papers, and reach out to them to understand their research, goals and how they go about conducting or applying their research.  With your experience and skill in software, I'm sure you […]

Yet Another Re-launch, Truthfully

This is probably the third re-launch of my personal blog.  Each re-launch came with its own story and maybe I’ll be sharing that with you nice folks one day.  This re-launch, however, is focused on the truth. If you’ve been following my blog, I’ve talked about honesty and the truth in the past.  I think it’s the key to all success in personal and business aspects of life.  Being truthful to yourself, being truthful with your partners and being truthful with your colleagues.  Without truth, there can be no ‘good faith’ and without ‘good faith’ there is no trust, and without trust, […]

What are some good reasons to buy the BlackBerry 10 over Android phones?

I wrote this answer on Quora and thought it may be useful to share with you faithful blog readers. Answer by Bayan Qandil: I haven’t used the final BB10 for me to make a proper statement here.  I did use very early versions of it and I’m very familiar with the typical BlackBerry Value Prop. So here goes… Number 1 – Keyboard Everybody mentions this and I will too.  BlackBerry’s hardware keyboards are the best in the business… second to none. And with BB10, they build an impressive looking (again, haven’t tried it) looking and innovative virtual keyboard. Number 2 […]

I Love My iPhone but… I Miss My BlackBerry

Almost 3 months ago, I switched from my BlackBerry 9960 to an iPhone 4S.  Prior to that I have been using a BlackBerry for 8 years.  Some of you know I also worked for RIM during that period for 3.5 years.  But in early June this year, I got fed up with my 3 week old, brand new BlackBerry.  It was constantly giving me the hourglass wait icon, intermittently worked with my car’s bluetooth and was giving me a lot of grief in getting things done.  The last time it happened with me, I happen to be strolling by a […]

Site Design and Branding Reset

A couple of years ago, I rebranded & redesigned my blog in an attempt to change it’s image and provide it it’s own brand, separate from mine. My personal and career goals have changed since then and I’ve decided that I want to utilize this blog to showcase my insights directly. As such, it makes more sense to have it setup with a simpler blog format and brand it with my own name. So, that’s what I’ve done.