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The Power of Decision Making

Many years ago, I had a lot of conversations with colleagues and even wrote a blog article on decision making.  On the heels of my blog re-launch and my recent blog on the importance of Truth in business, I think it would be a good idea to revisit this topic. What Is Decision Making When I refer to decision making, I’m talking about the ability and willingness to make a decision when necessary.  There are a few key aspects of my definition that I want to focus on: Willingness: By this word, I mean the desire or comfort of wanting […]

The Importance of Truth in Business

I posted this article almost 5 years ago and I’ve decided that it’s time to update it based on my more recent experiences. Let me first start by saying that what I wrote 5 years ago, still stands true today.  When it comes to management and leadership, there is one attribute that is almost always forgotten: Truth.  People don’t understand or realize the value and importance of Truth. Let me tell you why it’s crucial to each and every organization. What is Truth So what do I mean by this thing I call ‘Truth’. has numerous definitions but my favourite has to be: […]

Build Experiences, Not Features

We’ve seen it, or experienced it, too many times. A product or a suite of products with great features that just don’t work well together. As a user, it frustrates you that the simplest, most obvious, action cannot be easily done. If you’re invested enough and savvy enough, you search for shortcuts, hacks or some type of solution to improve your disjointed workflow. Whether you find one or not, you’re still left with a bad taste in your mouth.

For Startups and Small Business – Focus Is The Key

One of the key aspects to a successful business is “FOCUS”.  This is especially key to new or small businesses.  Too many startups and SMBs follow all types of business leads that may not be their main focus spreading them out too thin and diluting their limited resources. This is especially true for the many social media startups that are popping up these days. The main reason for this is that it’s too hard to say no to guaranteed revenue.  When approached by a prospective client ready to pay-up for products or services, it’s way to difficult to reject their […]

Enable Decision Making

Decision-making is an important aspect of daily personal and business life.  Decisions are made all the time, from deciding to buy a coffee in the morning rather than have the free office coffee to deciding to watch that episode of “House” rather than sleep at midnight.  However, so many times, decisions are delayed and not made.  Regretfully, delays in decision-making usually come at a cost. The cost of delays in decision-making A lack of a decision almost always results in a cost to the organization.  Most common impacts are: wasted effort of team working on incorrect priorities unfocused activity that […]