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My take on ‘illegal content sharing’

In a recent answer to a question on Quora (embedded at the end of this post), I gave my take on content piracy or, better stated, ‘illegal content sharing’.  I thought it would be worthwhile to share that on here as well.  Here is what I wrote: In my view, content piracy is a result of a demand for content that is not being offered in a compelling manner.  Piracy is not just an innate desire to just take something at the expense of others. At least I hope that is true for humanity’s sake. To visualize this, think about […]

Are there any opportunities for software engineers to volunteer or contribute to medicine or medical research?

I wrote this answer on Quora and thought it's worth sharing on here as well. Answer by Bayan Qandil: Your dedication to the cause is admirable.  Software is needed in all aspects of life as you know.  They key is to find how software is used to support the cause you're interested in.  I would focus on current scientific researchers who are working in the field.  Read their recent papers, and reach out to them to understand their research, goals and how they go about conducting or applying their research.  With your experience and skill in software, I'm sure you […]