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The Importance of Truth in Business

I posted this article almost 5 years ago and I’ve decided that it’s time to update it based on my more recent experiences. Let me first start by saying that what I wrote 5 years ago, still stands true today.  When it comes to management and leadership, there is one attribute that is almost always forgotten: Truth.  People don’t understand or realize the value and importance of Truth. Let me tell you why it’s crucial to each and every organization. What is Truth So what do I mean by this thing I call ‘Truth’. has numerous definitions but my favourite has to be: […]

Repost: What kind of room for career growth is there for software engineers at large companies?

My answer to this question on Quora: What kind of room for career growth is there for software engineers at large companies (i.e. Google, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, etc.)? I’m first going to answer the question, then I’m going to give you my thoughts on Software Professionals, career progression, management and leadership. Typical Software Engineering Career Paths Software Engineerings or Developers are typically promoted based on their technical skills.  As you improve and add to your skills, you are promoted through the typical technical “ranks”, which typically are Jr. SW Developer, Intermediate SW Developer and Sr. SW Developer.  Different organizations may […]

Yet Another Re-launch, Truthfully

This is probably the third re-launch of my personal blog.  Each re-launch came with its own story and maybe I’ll be sharing that with you nice folks one day.  This re-launch, however, is focused on the truth. If you’ve been following my blog, I’ve talked about honesty and the truth in the past.  I think it’s the key to all success in personal and business aspects of life.  Being truthful to yourself, being truthful with your partners and being truthful with your colleagues.  Without truth, there can be no ‘good faith’ and without ‘good faith’ there is no trust, and without trust, […]