How to get iMessage working on iOS 7 Beta1

If you’re on iOS 7, then you probably know about the iMessage issues. After my own investigations, I determined that the likely cause for this is that your mobile number is not being properly registered with the iMessage service. I was able to get my iPhone to send iMessages using my email addresses to confirm this.

The iMore blog has a proposed solution to this problem here. This didn’t work for me. However, I tried my own variation on the iMore solution and it seems to work. So I’m going to publish it here.

Basically, the iMore solution is to use RedSn0w to deactivate your iPhone and use iTunes to reactivate it. Here is my variation:

  1. Download RedSn0w as per iMore post
  2. Go into your iMessage settings and turn off iMessage [note this is a step that is different that the iMore solution]
  3. Use RedSnow to de-activate your iPhone:
    • Connect your iPhone using USB to your computer
    • Start RedSnow
    • Click on “Extras”
    • Click on “Even More”
    • Click on “Deactivate”
  4. You’ll notice that your iPhone is now showing the activate screen.
  5. This is where the steps differ from the iMore solution.
  6. Use your iPhone (not iTunes) to reactivate it by entering your Apple ID and password
  7. Once activated, turn off wifi
  8. Now go into your iMessage settings and turn on iMessage. [Be careful to do this once and wait for activation message]

And now it should work. I assume the same set of steps would work for Facetime as well but I didn’t try.

Let us know if it works for you or not.



Update on Jun 13 @ 6:20pm: iMessage stopped working again. I may try to redo it to see if works again.

Update on Jun 15 @ 9:20am: I got iMessage working again. The trick may be related to activation via 3G/LTE instead of wifi. If the above is not working of you, try turning off wifi and doing it again.

Update on Jun 20 @ 12:20am: I have strong evidence that FaceTime interferes with iMessage. So if the above doesn’t work, try it with FaceTime turned off.

32 thoughts on “How to get iMessage working on iOS 7 Beta1

  1. You can try connecting the iPhone via USB and starting iTunes. I assume your device is connected to a developer account.

  2. Will this work without having a developer account. Or having your udid registered? I assume since you disconnect the device before iTunes step there’s no developer authorization?

  3. I don’t have a developer account, but my phone’s UDID is registered with my friend’s developer account. Will this still work?


  4. Ok… Still can’t get my iMessage to work… Ran your steps… But no deactive button on red snow

  5. Are you sure? Is the option missing or grayed out? Also, did you make sure you clicked on “even more”?

  6. I try it but how much we need to wait as an average to be activated ” iMessage” with our email and phone number?

  7. I did all the steps from red snow.. And get to even more… No dearctive or anything like that

  8. Keep your wifi off and redo it. don’t turn on wifi at all and see if it works over 3G or LTE.

  9. The last person fixed the missing deactivate button by uninstalling, downloading the latest RedSnow and reinstalling again. Try that.

  10. Very upset because I did the steps, and my imessage is “on” but the messages do not deliver after they send. Help!!!!?

  11. More info would help. What do you see when you try to send the iMessage. Send me screenshot at my twitter account @BayanQ

  12. I deactivated my phone but do not have a developers account or UDID and now it says it cannot register my device.
    Tips please?

  13. Sorry! You’ll have to downgrade back to OS6 and then connect to iTunes. Search google for how to do that. Good luck. Let me know if you need more help.

  14. I found another way that works. Here’s what I did.

    1. Go to settings, turn off iMessages.
    2. Hard reboot your phone. Hold down home button And sleep button until phone reboots.
    3. Your iMessages shld now work, they should have turned back on automatically.

  15. Is there a way to downgrade to iOS 6 without using iTunes? because iTunes won’t let me do anything on the screen it just keeps saying “cannot register device”
    So is there any way to downgrade without the use of iTunes?

  16. unable to activate iMessage after updating to ios7, not through any of these means.
    I went back to ios6, same iMessage not activated.
    back to ios7, still not activated. Facetime works fine though.

  17. I just went in and changed my message to go to the recipient’s email address associated with iMessage, sent 1 message, then switched back to using the recipient’s phone number. From then on the phone number started using iMessage as normal.

  18. Thanks Anthony the hard reboot workded (not a dev member) “Hard reboot your phone. Hold down home button And sleep button until phone reboots.”

  19. I did everything you said to and now it won’t let me into my phone at all. Because I deactivated it the network won’t work from the phone OR iTunes. Not too sure what to do at this point.

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