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For Startups and Small Business – Focus Is The Key

One of the key aspects to a successful business is “FOCUS”.  This is especially key to new or small businesses.  Too many startups and SMBs follow all types of business leads that may not be their main focus spreading them out too thin and diluting their limited resources. This is especially true for the many social media startups that are popping up these days. The main reason for this is that it’s too hard to say no to guaranteed revenue.  When approached by a prospective client ready to pay-up for products or services, it’s way to difficult to reject their […]

We Are Now Verasity

So I’ve decided to update the blog’s look, feel and brand to reflect the new focus of the site.  The site is now called Verasity, which is a slight play on the word Veracity.  The definition of Veracity is: Veracity: conformity to truth or fact; accuracy This truly reflects the direction of the site.  Verasity will still focus on Mobile and Technology news, however, the main purpose of site will be: To provide an honest, concise and objective view of the news.  Verasity will strive to be as bold as possible with our opinions. To offer opinion pieces rather than […]

Jobs Says Apple is a Mobile Company .. I Say Media Distribution

So during his keynote speech on Jan 27, Steve Jobs took a little time before introducing the iPad to talk about some recent highlights of their business.  You can see my thoughts on the iPad here. He talked about how Apple has now sold 250 million iPods since it’s release in 2001, how they have over 75 Million iPod Touchs and iPhones on the market and how they have surpassed 3 Billion downloads from AppStore. He Jobs went on to state that Apple is really a mobile devices company because they sell mobile music players (iPod), mobile phones (iPhone) and […]

Apple Introduces the iPad… no I’m not kidding

For you faithful followers, it’s been a long time since I posted a blog.  I’ve been busy with personal stuff plus I’m starting to want to focus on useful and insightful blogs rather than just the usual mumbo jumbo.  And then Mr. Jobs announced his latest product and now I have to write about it.  I’ve decided to wring two blog articles about this so make sure you check out my other one related to Jobs’ comment about Apple being the largest mobile devices company. On Jan 27, Apple announced the iPad.  Yes… that is the best name they could […]

Kodak Sues Apple and RIM over Patent Infringement

So Kodak has sued Apple and RIM over IP infingment.  Kodak states that it’s been talking with both Apple and RIM for some time to resolve this amicably but since that didn’t work, they decided to sue. The patent in question is related to a method of previewing images in a mode that enables quick preview while acquiring the actual picture taken in a different mode that has higher quality.  This patent was filed in 1997 and issues in the US in 2001, so it sounds like a legitimate patent infringement case.  According to Kodak, other SmartPhone manufacturers such as […]

RIM Plans To Speed Up Network Browsing With An On-Device Proxy

A new RIM patent application suggests that by placing a proxy server on the device it could compress and transcode all network requests on the device thereby increasing speeds.  This would obviously also have the added benefits by reducing the bandwidth usage per device which is useful to both RIM and Carriers.  This would put RIM at an advantage compared to other SmartPhone manufacturers (namely the iPhone) as carriers have been trying to figure out how to deal with their exorbitant data usage.

Next-Gen iPhone: Evolution not Revolution

So the rumours for the next generation of the iPhone are starting now.  According to PCWorld, the next generation iPhone will be dubbed iPhone 4G and will have: 5 Megapixel Camera (putting on par with the Nexus One) Updated Operating System with revamped App Store OLED Screen Video Chat Support Announced as early as May 2010. Again, nothing really new here.  I doubt the May timeframe since Apple likes the yearly refresh cycle they have going. I personally think they will add a forward facing camera in addition to the one in the back and FM tuner to the mix. […]

Google Launches Android 2.1 SDK While Nexus One Customers Wait

Google has launched it’s Android 2.1 SDK this past monday allowing their development community to start supporting their Nexus One customers.  That covers half of the problems that Nexus One users had.  However, it seems that Google’s own Nexus One support woes continue with no end in site. So who do you call when you have a problem with your Nexus One?

Nexus One Customers & Developers Need Support But Can’t Find It

According to PC World, it seems that Nexus One customers are trying to find support for their phones and are having a tough time finding it.  Customers are going to point-of-sale (Google’s Phone Store) for support and that apparently has a 48 hour turnaround time, although I wasn’t able to find that guarantee on the support site.  The networks, with the exception of T-Mobile) are probably also redirecting support questions to Google, and why wouldn’t they… support is expensive. In parallel to all of this, the Android developer community is not very happy since they still don’t have access to […]

Rogers Trying To Help Out Its HTC Dream Customers

If you’ve been keeping up with the story, Rogers’s HTC Magic customers earlier this week got notice that they will be getting an upgrade to Android 2.1 sometime this year.  However, HTC Dream customers would not get an upgrade past Android 1.5.  This obviously sparked some outrage, but honestly, we didn’t expect the outrage to result in anything. Well, it seems that Rogers listened to it’s customers.  According to MobileSyrup and AndroidGuys, Rogers is offering the Dream customers a limited time opportunity to upgrade from the Dream to the Magic.  Now the statement does not say that it’s free in […]