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Competition Leads To iPhone Price Drop… but only In France!

It seems that iPhone prices in france have significantly dropped due to increased competition now that the Orange lost exclusivity due to a French court decision.  I’ll leave the French court decision on competition to my business blog, but I will discuss the price drop subject. I find it curious that the loss of exclusivity in France resulted in a price war that cause prices to drop significantly (by 60%) while in Canada, no price drop was seen when the providers went from 1 (Rogers) to 3 (Bell and Telus) last month.  Some would argue that increased competition not resulting […]

WIND Mobile Takes Canada By Storm

So WIND Mobile started doing their thing officially last Thursday when they announced their plans and pricing details.  Experts expected them to Wow everyone and they did.  You can check out their voice plans, data plans and more on their website. The Good So what’s so good.  Well, if you live in Toronto or Calgary, then you should definitely check them out.  I mention those two cities as they are currently the only two that are considered WIND Home Zones.  That matters because most of the benefits of WIND come from being in a Home Zone.  Basically, for $35 / month, […]

Enable Decision Making

Decision-making is an important aspect of daily personal and business life.  Decisions are made all the time, from deciding to buy a coffee in the morning rather than have the free office coffee to deciding to watch that episode of “House” rather than sleep at midnight.  However, so many times, decisions are delayed and not made.  Regretfully, delays in decision-making usually come at a cost. The cost of delays in decision-making A lack of a decision almost always results in a cost to the organization.  Most common impacts are: wasted effort of team working on incorrect priorities unfocused activity that […]

Nimbuzz Chat Client for BlackBerry

If you’re like me, you probably have many Instant Messaging accounts, such as Windows Live, Yahoo Messenger, AIM and ICQ.  You probably also use Skype, Facebook and Myspace.  Well, if you are actively using any combination of these, then you’re probably using many different clients for each one.  Well fear not, you don’t have to do that anymore. Nimbuzz has recently launched a BlackBerry client that handle all the IM protocols mentioned above plus more.   They also have a web-based version, a Mac version and a PC version.  But for that memory strapped BlackBerry (and other mobile phones), the […]

Google Launches Public DNS

Google has now launched a public domain name server (DNS).  For those who don’t know what that is, it’s basically the internet’s page lookup directory.  When you try to go to a page on the internet, your PC does a DNS lookup (typically using your provider’s DNS) to find the correct IP address for your request.  Google has created this DNS and made it public allowing you to utilize it yourself. So what’s special about it.  Google claims that it’s DNS faster and more secure that the ones already out there.  This would result in quicker and safer browsing for […]

Dell plans to create mobile division

Accordingly the WJS, Dell has internally announced plans to reorganize the company for the second time this year. What most interesting is that they plan to create a Mobile division focusing on Mobile phones and other mobile-type devices. With Dell set to launch their first smartphone in China (the Dell Mini 3) soon, and with their 3G-enabled NetBooks, Dell is trying to enter the NetBook & Smartphone markets, both of which are growing at a massive pace.  The Smartphone market is estimated to grow by 20-30% next year. Both of these markets are still emerging markets and so this is […]

Apple buys Lala

Well it’s been rumour all day but now it’s been confirmed by the Wall Street Journal.  Apple has purchased Lala.  For those who don’t know, Lala is a music service that allows for web-based music listening, downloading and sharing. The question is why would Apple buy Lala?  I personally think it’s based on a number of factors.  First, Lala has great content already and Apple can get access to that content now.  Second, Lala has some unique technology that could be of use to Apple (such as their music matching algorithm that identifies music you already own and matches it […]

Canadian Wireless Ad War Madness Continues …

To continue the madness of the Canadian Wireless Carrier Ad Wars that I reported on earlier, my prediction almost came true.  Rogers has now sued Bell for their wireless network claims.  Rogers is stating that Bell does not have the customer base or data to backup their claims of being fastest and most reliable network. I reiterate my opinion from my original post.  The money, time and effort is better spend on better innovative pricing models, services and products.