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Canadian Wireless Ad War Continues…

As a follow-up to our “I’m faster than you” posting, there has been some progress in the Telus vs. Rogers face-off.  In a somewhat surprise decision, Telus was granted a temporary injunction today that could eventually force rogers to stop their current campaign strategy.  Rogers now admits that, with Telus’ new 21Mbps HSPA network, they are no longer the fastest network.  However, they claim that are still the most reliable and will appeal the decision in court.  Still not quiet sure what the claim is based on. As a side note, Bell, who co-build the HSPA network with Telus, has […]

Try Chrome OS Today

So as a follow-up to my last Chrome OS post, I decided to give it a shot myself.  There are a number of ways to do this but I decided to use TechCrunch’s way of doing this.  Basically, it’s running Chrome OS in a VM.  The steps there are sound and should work for everyone but it’s possible they don’t.  If you get an error stating that “Network is not connected and offline login failed”, then just log in using username: mark, password: chronos.  This seems to work for the build mentioned in that blog. Once loaded, you can then […]

HippoMobile: Postcards from your BlackBerry for free, but…

Hippopost is a company that allows you to send free postcards using your own photos.  You can do it using their website, Facebook, or using your mobile.   The third option is called HippoMobile and is currently only available for BlackBerry. It allows you to send 2 free postcards per day. So what’s the catch?  Hippopost puts a border around your picture and within that border is advertising of some sort.  When I tried it, it added a halloween themed advertisement which contains a silhouette of a cemetery.  Unfortunate, but not terrible.  The postcard was great.  As far as I can […]

Google solidifying it’s advertising stronghold

Two weeks ago, Google bought mobile advertising provider AdMob.  Today, google announced that it plans to buy Teracent, an advertisement display company.   Teracent owns technology that allows for dynamic advertisement creation and display, allowing for customization based on many factors such as locale, language, website content, etc. As you can see, Google continues to ensure that it owns innovative technology whether it builds it or buys it.

Chrome OS Announced – Focus on Web, Security and Speed

When we heard about Chrome OS back in July of this year, I put together this quick overview of my thoughts.  It seems my thoughts were aligned with the thoughts of Google.  Now Chrome OS has officially been announced.  Slated for public release in around a year from now, the project is now officially opened for contributions. If you don’t already know, Chrome OS will be open source.  So that is the first advantage of this OS.  Accessible, customizable and free!  But here is what Google is focusing on with this OS: Web Applications and ContentAs I stated in my […]

I’m faster.. No.. I’m faster – Telus Sues Rogers over Ad Claims

It appears Telus is not happy about Rogers’ advertisement claims that it’s Canada’s fastest and most reliable network.  In court filings, Telus claims that since their new HSPA network went live earlier this month that Rogers is no longer faster nor more reliable and as such needs to stop their false advertisements.  They even asked Rogers to stop!  Since Rogers has not stopped, they sued.  Rogers announced that they still stand by their claims as Telus has not provided data to prove otherwise. So, now this is just a waste of time, isn’t it.  What is Telus trying to gain […]

Canadian Local TV Tax Issue – What’s the deal?

I’m sure you’ve seen the barrage of commercials asking you to make noise for or against the Local TV Tax issue that is currently under debate in canada.  Today is the day that the hearings begin on this issue.  Since this issue may end up effecting your pocket, it may be worthwhile taking a look and understanding what the issue really is. Conventional TV Channels At the heart of the issue are conventional TV channels (such as CTV, Global or CBC).  This issue does not include any speciality channels that they networks may own (such as TSN or the Food […]

Unlocking Your Wireless Phone – Legal or Not

There is still much confusion in the public about whether unlocking your wireless phone is a legal activity or not.  This confusion is mostly driven by the different messaging you get about phone unlocking depending no who you’re asking.  So let’s shed some light on the subject. First off, what is an unlocked wireless phoneWhen you hear about locked wireless phones, usually the subject is about the lock that wireless carriers put on a wireless phone software to prevent it from being used on any other wireless network.  This is typically done to ensure that you stay loyal to the […]