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How Useful Is Twitter

In my recent exploration of the usefulness of Twitter, I found many opinions on the subject.  Opinions range from calling it a useless tool, to a useful personal social tool, to a somewhat useful marketing tool, to a very useful trending tool, to the other extreme of being a useful tool for all things personal and business.  I didn’t provide any links to any examples of these opinion articles or blogs because there are more than enough of them on the web. My personal experience with Twitter, social networking and business provides me with the following “value statement” on Twitter’s […]

Google Street View In Canada, eh?

Google announced on Wednesday that Street View is now available in 11 Canadian cities with more to come soon.  I’ve listed the cities below if you’re interested.  Let the privacy battles begin. Privacy and security experts contend that Street View exploits personal privacy and gives terrorists additional tools to plan out terrorist attacks.  Google of course was very careful consulting with federal and provincial privacy commissioners. My take on this is simple.  When you’re in public, you basically give up any “privacy” claims you may have.  If you’re doing something in public, then anyone can see you in action including […]

Carriers starting to embrace VoIP

It seems that US carriers are starting to embrace the concept of VoIP.  Both officially announced today in fact.  First, Verizon’s partnership with Google to carry Android-based devices included a statement about allowing Google Voice.  Then, AT&T gave it’s blessing for VoIP over 3G. Now we knew this was an inevitable as print news transitioning to digital/online news.  It had to happen because that is where the technology, demand and market were going.  Standing in it’s way was a futile attempt by carriers to force consumers to continue to make phone calls the way they wanted. The real question now […]

Verizon & Google Announce Partnership for Android Devices

The announcement was made today.  Although an interesting and exciting development for the mobile world, I do find it weird.  How come you ask? Well, when was the last time you heard of this type of partnership or announcement between a device platform and a carrier!  That’s like Microsoft announcing a partnership with Best Buy!  Typically, the partnership is between the platform and the OEM.  Examples include Microsoft and Dell or Windows Mobile and Palm (for the Treo 750). But since when are the platform providers signing agreements with OEMs customers / partners.  Is this due to Google’s “influence”.  Is […]

Bell and Telus GSM Networks – Do they mean increased competition and lower prices?

So, Bell is almost rolling out it’s own GSM based network. According to BGR, they are rolling out the HSPA network sometime next month. Telus is probably going to follow suit as well. And the masses are now rejoicing. But seriously, what will this really mean to the Canadian mobile market and mobile users. Well the most obvious response is, we now have increased competition and hence lower prices will follow. But do we really. Here are the most common arguments for why the competition will be increased as opposed to the way things are now: I can easily switch […]