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Chrome OS: What’s The Big Deal

On July 7, Google announced a project focused on creating an opensource lightweight operating system named Chrome OS*. It is initially aimed at NetBooks but will also target power computers and full desktops. With this move, Google has just set it’s aim on Microsoft’s bread and butter directly. But is that all they set their eyes on? And so what if there is another OS? Opensource and Free One of the biggest advantages of this new OS is that it will be opensource and better yet … Free*! But so what? Linux has been around for years and has always […]

Blog Started Up Again

Hi All Starting up my Blog again. I will be focusing on world events and technology. If you have any ideas or items you’d like me to discuss / research / investigate, let me know by commenting here. Also, you can hit me up on Twitter at Looking forward to discussing with all of you. LaterBayanQ